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Shop the Essentials (and More!) at Odd Provisions - District Blog

Shop the Essentials (and More!) at Odd Provisions

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Odd Provisions in Columbia Heights is bringing back the corner store, from its one-stop-shop selection to its good, old-fashioned customer service. Whether you’re out of milk or want something quick to eat, Odd Provisions is the easy choice. Shop the aisles for everything from jarred goods and refrigerator staples to unique gifts that highlight local makers and vendors. 

While one half of the space is for shopping, the other half holds the café for hot soups, hefty sandwiches, and big salads. The menu is veggie-heavy, with lots of vegan options like hummus bialy sandwiches and garlicky kale. Not sure what to try? You’ll find the team at Odd Provisions exceptionally friendly and helpful, with owners Jessica and Rachel often stocking the shelves or dishing out lunch to hungry visitors. Help support this valuable local business with a purchase today. 

Odd Provisions is open daily until 9 p.m. (8 p.m. on Sundays), and is located at the corner of 11th Street NW and Lamont, just one quick turn off of Sherman Avenue.


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