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Menomale Is Now Open Near Your Apartment at District - District Blog

Menomale Is Now Open Near Your Apartment at District

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If you’ve tried the Menomale on 12th Street and love it, you’re going to be happy to learn that there’s now a location six minutes closer in NoMa! This Italian-owned local pizzeria “chain” is one of the best spots for true, traditional Italian pies in DC. With the addition of NoMa, they’re now serving up Napoletana pies, as well as Romana pies. 

You may be asking what the difference is! Napoletana is their traditional wood-fired pizza we know and love quickly cooked at super high temps in their brick oven. Romana is Roman-style pizza that is rectangular and baked in a dish with a different crust recipe that’s slightly thicker and goes through a long fermentation process. Either one is delicious, so try one of each style to determine your favorite for future visits! 

Beyond pizza, Menomale serves antipasti including prosciutto and melon, burrata with white balsamic and bread, as well as a chef’s special antipasto misto with all the meats, cheese, and olives. You’ll also find pasta like gnocchi or lobster ravioli, sandwiches including eggplant parm, salads, and dessert. Don’t skip the tiramisu!

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