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Experience Elevated Filipino Fare at Hiraya - District Blog

Experience Elevated Filipino Fare at Hiraya

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Hiraya’s Chef Paolo spent his childhood in the family kitchen in the Philippines with his mother, aunts, and grandparents learning the art of Pinoy hospitality. When he moved to D.C., he brought these treasured family recipes along with him. But it wasn’t until after a visit to the Philippines in 2019 that he realized he needed to share them with the masses.

That’s when he opened Hiraya as an outlet for his culinary creativity. In the kitchen, Chef Paolo and his team create masterful tasting menus of modern-yet-authentic Filipino fare. Although the menu changes all the time, you’ll always have a variety of elevated options like the foie gras with adobo onion, black sesame, and chives along with cassava cake and kutsinta with young coconut and caviar. The sarciado showcases monkfish with smoked tomato and bottarga, while the alavar features softshell crab with snap peas and crab fat curry. Then for dessert, there’s Basque cheesecake with coconut anglaise and a cured duck yolk. Like what you see? Make a reservation and taste the innovative cuisine for yourself.

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