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Never Looked Better

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Never Looked Better is an incredible cocktail bar, speakeasy, and event space that was established this year. This bar combines the 1920s era of the speakeasy with the 1990s era of the underground rave. Remember the late 20th century when you could simply walk down an alley, enter a party through the kitchen, and find a fantastical underground rave with plenty of neon, bright colors, and black lights. Never Looked Better brings the underground rave vibes into the modern era with cocktails like the dirty vodka martini with homemade brine and fresh olives stuffed with soft blue cheese.

Beyond just the Dirty Vodka Martini, Never Looked Better features some amazing cocktails. Think a silky espresso martini with custom cold brew and premium coffee liqueur and a frilly pink cosmo with freshly squeezed lemon, fresh berry juice, and Old Tom gin. The Penicillin is another delicious cocktail with honey-ginger syrup, freshly squeezed lemon juice, and single malt scotch. The cocktail bar also plays fun throwback music, which adds to the underground rave vibe.

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